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About Us

Sahney Kirkwood, Sahney Commutators, and Isovolta (India) comprise the Sahney group’s engineering businesses. Headquartered at Bangalore, India, the group has its manufacturing plants in Mumbai in the West and Bangalore in the South.

Sahney Kirkwood was founded to manufacture rigid mica insulation for the traction and industrial motors. Today, the company’s global customers are spread over 25 countries in 5 continents. We have three stocking locations in the Americas to supply just in time to various institutional customers. In addition, we have a large value-added resellers and partners to bring you specialty products locally, timely, and in your currency.

Isovolta (India) is a JV with Isovolta AG of Austria, a leading manufacturer of electrical insulation materials, technical laminates, and composites having manufacturing facilities in 9 countries.

Sahney Commutators manufactures over 1 mil commutators per month for various industry segments but specializes in automotive starters motors where the company holds various US patents.

The implementation of Lean in all our plants has ensured a high degree of in-process quality controls, excellent 5S and housekeeping, and Kanban triggered production for high-running requirements; these initiatives have often exceeded customer requirements and standardized quality standards.